Building Stick-to-itiveness

Train Yourself to Stick to Your Goals

Any worthwhile achievement is inherently difficult to achieve. People don’t just wake up one day wanting nothing more than to run a mile, thus making it a habit they perform for the rest of their life. Creating change in your life takes time, effort, energy, and sacrifice.

Because of this, more often than not, people make a goal but fail to follow through.

That’s why most people don’t exercise or eat healthy.
It’s why they procrastinate, have cluttered homes, drink soda, and smoke cigarettes.
It’s why most of us don’t bother to meditate, learn new languages, write every day, or read more books.

With a small amount of initial discipline and strategy, you can create habits that stick. During my upcoming email challenge, Building Stick-to-itiveness, I’ll be showing you how!

Meet Shellie Bolyard, Facilitator of Building Stick-to-itiveness

I am on a mission to change the world by creating healthy families, one mom at a time. I empower women to trade in their toxic lifestyles for ones that are natural, purposeful, and meaningful. For the first time in history, children are projected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. We can change this reality by changing their environments. Together, we will create freedom from toxic environments and lifestyles. We will create a world where chronic illness and disease is not the norm. We will have confidence and faith in ourselves and the freedom to make truly informed choices for OUR families.

Created by:

Shellie Bolyard

This Time Will Be Different

The hardest thing for most people when it comes to creating a new habit is sticking to it long enough for it to become ingrained.

Once you sign up for my Building Stick-to-itiveness Email Series, I’ll be working alongside you to offer advice and support so that you can continue staying motivated through the speedbumps and hiccups along the way. Part of this involves showing you ways to channel self-respect and understanding that the result is worth some discomfort along the way.

My goal for this email challenge is to share effective and simple strategies that will help ensure that this time, your habit will stick. It won’t be easy, but it’s definitely doable.

If you can think of a goal or habit that you’d like to stick to, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to improve your life.

I Can’t Wait to Share With You!