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When it comes to natural solutions, there are tons of options available. However, not all are created equal. As a doTERRA user, you already know the incredible benefits of going natural. If you’re new to doTERRA, you’re about to learn why essential oils are loved around the world.

The modern approach to health and wellness is designed to manage symptoms, treatments are made from isolated, synthetic agents, and may cause both known and unknown adverse side effects. However, the natural approach addresses the body's needs and root causes of illnesses, is extracted from plants, and offers safe benefits without side effects.

It’s no wonder more and more people are turning to natural solutions. As a result, many companies claim their products are natural, safe, and effective, but few live up to the standards of doTERRA. doTerra is trusted for a reason - many in fact! The plants that create doTERRA essential oils are harvested in their natural habitat, and their oils are verified pure, free of fillers and harmful contaminants, and go through stringent third-party testing to ensure authenticity and potency.

Learn about doTERRA essential oils and how to use them during my upcoming email series!

Meet Shellie Bolyard, Passionate Wellness Advocate

I am on a mission to change the world by creating healthy families, one mom at a time. I empower women to trade in their toxic lifestyles for ones that are natural, purposeful, and meaningful. For the first time in history, children are projected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. We can change this reality by changing their environments. Together, we will create freedom from toxic environments and lifestyles. We will create a world where chronic illness and disease is not the norm. We will have confidence and faith in ourselves and the freedom to make truly informed choices for OUR families.

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Shellie Bolyard

Which Will Be Your Favorite?

There are so many different doTERRA products to choose from- each one better than the next! During this email series, I’ll share some of doTERRA’s top-selling essential oils, how to use them, and the benefits they provide.

If you want natural solutions you can trust, your search is over! If you’re concerned about overmedicating or exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals, natural solutions are precisely what you need. doTERRA has a comprehensive line of pure essential oils, proprietary blends, and green cleaning products for every healthy lifestyle.

Learn the many uses for essential oils such as Lavender and Peppermint and doTERRA’s unique blends as well as different application methods to best suit your needs. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an oil for it! From energizing and lifting your mood to soothing sore muscles, there’s no limit to what doTERRA can do for you and your family!

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